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The Traveling Cannabis Writer - The High Class CBD Skincare Review

"New Jersey native-Baltimore transplant, Sita Abdul-Malik understands the importance of high quality and wellness. As the creator and owner of The High Class, a CBD skincare company, Sita curates infused luxury. Working in the industry since 2017, Sita has helped an array of patients and continues to serve in her own capacities, but especially through skin care therapy! 

Photograph of The High Class Deluxe Body Bundle; with a full size and travel sized version of their 2x award winning spa products: Bergamot & Cardamom Pain Relieving Body Scrub, Cardamom & Clove Pain Relieving Lotion Bar, & Ginger & Frankincense 3-n-1 Lip Balm.Photograph of The High Class Deluxe Body Bundle; with a full size and travel sized versions of their 2x award winning Bergamot & Cardamom Pain Relieving Body Scrub, Cardamom & Clove Pain Relieving Lotion Bar, & Ginger & Frankincense 3-n-1 Lip Balm.

Aside from running The High Class, *Lil Nug- Sita serves on the board of DC NORML as an event coordinator, assisting with brand presence, visibility and agenda awareness. 

Award Winning- The High Class, CBD Infused Skincare 

Credit: The High Class

The High Class product line holds first place for the Annual DC Growers Cup 2021 and 2022 “personal care” category—-and rightfully so. A quick application of the ginger and frankincense lip balm, which works in triplicate as a hyper pigmentation treatment and under eye dark spot corrector, is evidence of intense research and care. The High Class is much more than just another CBD brand. It’s a necessary addition to a skin-healing regiment. 

The company was originally crafted as a compliment to the owner’s sister’s lash and wax business. The products provide consumers soothing relief from post wax irritation, offering aromatherapy and penetrating, non-psychoactive hemp based therapy. From self-testing to community-sharing to award-winning, The High Class has and will continue to hold above-standard status in a class created by its inception. 

*Lil Nug: the category for “personal care” did not exist before Sita suggested it to DC Grower’s Cup contest founder Walter McGill on behalf of her products! 

My Experience and Review Through Products Info and Testing 

Credit: The High Class

I tested The High Class line for two weeks to supplement my night time self-care routine and was not disappointed. The complete, three-step kit was gifted to me in elegant gold packaging and that was not only well meaning, but entirely fitting of the brand. 

For this trial period, the bergamot and cardamom body scrub served as hand therapy that is perfect after long days in the medical field utilizing alcohol based- skin drying products. Bergamot is useful for its stress-relieving and antibacterial properties. Cardamom contains cancer-fighting properties, as well as anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and complexion-clearing properties. 

It is intensely moisturizing, not too oily, easy to wash off, and its effects coupled with the entourage of cannabinoids and terpene effects, are long lasting. The cardamom and clove body bar seals in moisture without leaving an overwhelming layer to wash off later. This helps keep breakouts away while also providing anti-inflammatory relief. 

The final tool, the ginger and frankincense lip balm, is great for hyperpigmentation and spot moisturization. Ginger is known for its brightening, anti-inflammatory properties while frankincense provides increased anti-aging benefits, smoothing soothing, toning and lifting the skin and assisting with skin sensitivities.

The High Class skin care line is subtle and powerful. Essential oil and cannabinoids combinations are paired expertly for every skin type! 

*Lil Nug- Sita started off in the cannabis industry in Medical Cannabis, as a patient consultant in 2018. Her understanding of hemp is backed by years of experience. 

After just one week of consistently using The High Class products, I noticed my skin became brighter and held onto moisture for longer! My hands usually feel tight and achy after a long day working with technology and alcohol based bacteria fighting products. My lips benefited from the scrub and dark spot correcting lip balm (smoking lip received some much needed love!). 

CBD provides uplifting and mood boosting benefits and works with the terpenes and essential oils for a well-balanced therapeutic skin care experience. It’s necessary for a brand that boasts an entourage of benefits and there is no shortage of truth to these claims!

The Bottom Line

Credit: The High Class

Many products claim the same benefits but leave the consumer desiring more from their products. Either the products don’t work together or the hemp profile is misunderstood. The High Class fulfills its purpose above and beyond expectations (of course, the owner being from the East Coast is something I will brag about forever, especially someone from Jersey!).

While the world catches up to the winning healing magic of hemp and cannabis, The High Class will always be ahead."

Review of Products and Article Written by:

Dom; lWrite the Vision, "Product Review – Black Women Owned: The High Class (CBD)", The Traveling Cannabis Writer, 3/28/2023,

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