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Self Care for
Modern people.

Transforming everyday habits into intentional routines.


Our mission is simple: To transform everyday habits into intentional routines, with self care as a focus. Our products are developed to cater to the busy lifestyle of working professionals and everyday people. We utilize our knowledge of cannabinoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system to develop products that advance and cultivate wellbeing. Finding the balance in our minds, bodies, and environments has a profound and lasting impact on the individuals and the world around us. Nothing is better than hearing about how our products help our customers and their communities. We aim to be an industry leader in consumer advocacy, pushing for comprehensive guidelines and manufacturing transparency so that CBD products are guaranteed to be safe and effective. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Click below to learn more about our journey.

Herbal Medicine

2x Award Winning Formulations



Our Pain Relieving CBD body scrub and complexion correcting lip balm won 1st place in Annual DC Growers Cup in 2021.



In 2022, our pain relieving lotion bar went on to take 1st place in Annual D.C. Growers Cup for the second year in a row

Sasa A, Maryland

THC's products are amazing! My personal favorites are the lotion bar & lip balm. Aside from the fragrances being absolutely beautiful, they are easy to apply and last long. My skin feels soft and hydrated after using them and the scent lasts!
Spa and Beauty Products
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